I’m Black And I’m Proud Are You


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“I’m Black And I’m Happy” Are You?

These reasons may apply for some, but you must understand that under the coloring, they are WOMEN. Likewise, men are MEN regardless of race. Of course everyone has individual preferences, but black women like white men for the same reasons they may be attracted to a man of her own or any other race.

However, it’s the myriad stories that Rock brings to light about the quest for good hair throughout this film that gives it it’s cultural punch. Rock visits urban black hair salons where women and young children willingly undergo a regular ritual where their hair is chemically straightened with a mixture that Rock comically gives the name “Creamy Crack”. These hair relaxers or straighteners have been used by white women looking for black men dating sites for decades… but, in the film “Good Hair”… the process that is so taken for granted within the black community is now on display for all to see.

We’ve already established that there is a shortage of Black men. Why? Because Black men choose unfortunate lifestyles. Many of them choose the street life over family life. Now, some may argue that they don’t choose this kind of life; they just fall into it because of the kind of environment they grew up in. And this is also true, but we aren’t going to be politically correct right now. We’re going to keep it as real as possible.

And deep down inside, every white man knows that a black man can take our women away at a moment’s notice. (I’m being facetious, here, but both these points are valid arguments that have been made time and time again). The point is that at the time this was made, white women black men dating site could still be strung up just for looking at a white woman crossing the street and the white men who committed this heinous act had no fear of punishment.

The thought is, “well if my mother did it, why can’t she cook, work, be sweet, love on me, get a degree, and hang with the girls.” Mama had to do what she had to do to survive and single Black mothers today, do what they have to do to survive and take care of their families. And sometimes brothers are seeking that soul of their mother in their woman, because they know that the soul of their mother helped them be the men that they are today and they need that to progress.

Heroes is hot. The buzz about the show last season was terrific, and the anticipation for the next season is electric. Last season, Trekkies got an extra jolt of excitement when George Takei, formerly Sulu on Star Trek, showed up as Hiro’s father. I am a veteran trekkie, my younger husband is second generation trekkie (from the show in syndication,) but he could hardly stay in his seat, he was so excited.

“After Jackie” by Carl Fussman was published in 2007 by ESPN Books. Each chapter starts with a black and white photo of different baseball players in uniform. It is 235 pages with an addtional 5 pages called “Voices” which gives a brief bio of the oral historians. It also includes an Introduction, an after word, “The Facts About Memory”, Acknowledgements and Table of Contents. “After Jackie” would be a great addition to school libraries or as a gift to any young baseball fan. List price is $24.95; offered online at Amazon.com for discounted rates. Understanding the history of integration of baseball, can show how much the United States has grown in overcoming racism. It can also be a recipe for change that is still needed in the U.S. today.

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